Millwork Shop Drawings are our Specialty

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Millwork Shop Drawings are our Specialty and We where Recently Asked How do we handle Bad Specs Send out by Architects and designers..
Well the best way is We send an RFI
( Request for Information)
we are in the Millwork Shop Drawing Business which is really the Documentation Business and ultimately like an Insurance business against miscommunication. One thing i have learned in all of my years being in this Industry is Cover your Butt.
Send an RFI stating your case something like Below.
Spec Section 6402 page 2 Item 5 calls for Plain Sliced book matched and Blue print matched Wenge Veneer Panels, Material Specified is not readily available and may cause Production delays.
Please Advise.

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Millwork Shop Drawings

Millwork Shop Drawings are part of the Millwork Submittals Package.
Typicaly the Architect will want the following.

• Submit two copies; one of which will be returned with reviewed notations prior to commencement of work under this section.

• Indicate plans Sections and elevations, materials, surface grain directions, profiles, assembly methods, joint details, fastening methods, accessories, hardware, compliance with specified fire-retardant treatments, preservative treatments, and schedule of finishes.

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